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Are you a Black Sheep? We define this as someone who dares to be different. Who wants to stand out from the crowd. A person ready for coaching to be more positive, proactive and productive to live the best life they can. Black Sheep are ready to be the change!


Are you ready for the Revolution? This is a revolution of the mind. A revolution in how you think. How to beat stress, do less and be a success. How to take action, find a way, set the right goals and retrain your brain so you become the best version of you in life, your career, business or sport.


Yes? Then you are 100% ready to join the Black Sheep Revolution. Get in touch now to find out how our coaching, mentoring, and Quests for success will empower you to embrace winning strategies. Prepare to work smarter, not harder, in everything you do!

are you ready to go on a quest for success?!

We enable you, your business, and teams, become the best you and they can be. This begins by helping you develop a magnificent mindset. The quality of your thinking affects everything you do, so why not make it magnificent!

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Personal Development Quest

Your ideal Quest for personal growth, increased self-confidence and personal fulfilment.

Empowering Your Teams Quest

Inspire teams to be more engaged, have fewer absences and increased productivity.

Understand And Beat Stress Quest

Learn how manage stress and overcome fears getting in the way of your life or business.


How to create a winning plan, be more proactive, have less stress, and increase profits.

Leadership & Management Skills Quest

Learn great leadership and management skills. Inspire your team, and progress your career.

Business Growth Accelerator Master Class

Accelerate your business growth, take it to the next level and share in winning strategies.

The seven steps to Personal, Career & Business Growth.

There are many motivational , development and growth courses out there which are great, but often only work in the short term.

Most people we meet don't just want success, they want holistic growth. This is why learning the 4 Key Principles will empower you to make lasting positive change rather than being a quick fix.

100% of our revolutionaries (clients) report improvements across multiple areas of their personal and business lives because of our holistic approach. Your personal life, work life, and how you play, are all interlinked.

By including the 4 Principles for success in all our Quests you will be empowered to live a life many people only dream about.

We really do support you on your quest for success! Email us now to go on our VIP guest list.

Welcome & Well Done
The Peace Principle
The Harmony Principle
The Love Principle
The Light Principle
Your S.M.A.R.T. Goals & Life, Career or Business Plan


Ben Lange

“I always come away from talking to Marcus with a smile on my face. He is genuinely inspiring, easy to talk to and clearly has much to offer. I have learned a much from Marcus who has given me much to consider about my personal development. I highly recommend engaging Marcus to any professional.”

Ben Lange, Head of BD, Computer Conquest Ltd, London, United Kingdom

Jamie Mitchel

“You couldn’t possibly find a more positive, engaging and enthusiastic coach than Marcus Thomlinson! I was lucky enough to take part in one of Marcus’ training seminars while working as a fundraiser in London. From the moment he delivered his opening line, he had the entire room captivated, this was no run-of-the-mill training course. Marcus’ friendly demeanor and optimistic outlook on life is infectious! He has a real knack of finding what best motivates an individual. In fact, I still implement many of the coaching techniques Marcus passed on during our first meeting. He’s a constant source of support and inspiration, even from as far away as Australia.”

Jamie Mitchel, Sports Reporter, Nine Network, Brisbane, Australia.

Francesca Taylor

“Thanks for a great session from Marcus @BSRMarcus today. It really motivated the young people here @thewinch. Everyone is feeling the positive vibes, 100/100!”

Francesca Taylor, Programme Co ordinator, The Winch, London, United Kingdom.

Roderick Grech

“I had the opportunity of working with Marcus for over a year His skills as a coach are second to none and he was instrumental in helping me discover skills I never knew I had. I regularly asked him for feedback and he was always eager to provide his feedback. What I appreciated most is that he could outline weaknesses that no one ever saw and made suggestions which made me outgrow those weaknesses and develop them into new abilities. He is an energetic motivator. Excellent coach!!!”

Roderick Grech, Managing Director, Business Consultancy & Management Services, Malta

Denise Prentice

“From the initial consultation, I felt energised and positive. I am looking forward to continuous progress with Marcus' authentic and empowering brand of coaching.”

Denise Prentice, Director & Founder Creatrix Consultancy, London, United Kingdom.

Enrique Vallano

“I had the opportunity to meet Marcus in a recruitment process where I was very positively impressed by his sensitive, insightful and positive approach. Marcus managed to drive the process to an optimum result and he was of great help, not only from a professional perspective, but from a personal one, too.”

Enrique Vallano, Head Of Estates Go Native, London, United Kingdom.

Richard Chadwick

“Marcus has a friendly coaching style that immediately puts you at ease. His enthusiasm and positivity is infectious and and his ability to encourage you to focus is a great help to achieve your goals. I would happily recommend Marcus' services for both business and life coaching. You won't be disappointed and will come away bursting with positivity.”

Richard Chadwick, 737 Senior First Officer at, Yeadon, United Kingdom.

Derek Ryan

“Marcus was instrumental in helping me regain control over my daily life and my ambitions. When you are bombarded with stresses and challenges it is difficult to see the wood for the trees and this is where clearly defined goal focus, positive mental attitude training and meditation played a huge part in helping me moulding my future. Many thanks to Marcus and Black Sheep Revolution for supplying me with the tools I needed to get my life back on track.”

Derek Ryan, Customer Product Support Manager at Manheim

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