“It’s for charity mate!”


“It’s for charity mate, but I don’t like to talk about it!”


Some of you will be old enough to remember those immortal words from the Fast Show’s cheesy DJ’s Smashie and Nicey. On this occasion I’d definitely like to talk about it! The charity in question is Happy Days Children’s Charity. I am privileged and delighted to have been appointed an ambassador for the charity and find myself in some really quite lovely company.

Happy Days Charity


Find out who by visiting the Happy Days Ambassadors page here.

Of course it’s not about me, it’s about what the charity does for the people it supports.  I’m lucky enough to deliver a lot of motivational speeches and I frequently talk of telling stories about why you can. This is on the basis that, consciously or subconsciously, we frequently tell ourselves, and other people, stories about our lives which may have limiting beliefs.

Marcus C Thomlinson Rob Cox IHEEM Dinner
Marcus C Thomlinson Rob Cox IHEEM Dinner

A few months ago I was privileged to accept an award on behalf of Happy Days and I felt this sentiment summed up what the charity does best. Happy Days enables the carers and children it helps to be able to tell wonderful fantastic positive stories of the days they’ve experienced and frequently how it’s changed their lives.

Just think for a minute how hard it can be for you or I to face the challenges of everyday life. Then think about the more stressful things we can do. That feeling when it was your first day at school, walking into a job interview, making a speech in public. NOW imagine you are like one of the children that happy days helps, children with learning difficulties. The same challenges of day to day living , of self esteem or just working out out how best to get to the shop, are ten times worse than for you or I.

Imagine you go for a day trip to regents park in London to be faced by an escaped lion, who hasn’t eaten for a week and you are about to be lunch! This is the level of fear that many children with learning disabilities face daily.

Then there are the parents and carers. The stress and strain of looking after, supporting, and understanding a child with many special needs is truly exhausting. Respite is a rare and splendid thing. Happy Days Charity brings such a welcome relief both for children and parents who need that spark of joy in a challenging world.

I felt privileged to be asked to be a patron of this charity, not just because of the great work Happy Days does, but also how well they do it. The profile of the charity really deserves to be at the highest level. For example a similar charity that also does fabulous work helped around 2000 people enjoy a great experience last year. That charity employes around 1000 full time staff.

Happy days employees around 9 staff (only 4 full time) who in conjunction with volunteers, enabled 23,000 children and parents to have the time of their lives last year. In my view, this is staggering.

I encourage you to visit their website, maybe get involved and why not go crazy and make a donation!

Happy Days Childrens Charity

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